Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology Kingsbridge Devon

As a mother I understand how exciting and challenging the journey from conception to birth can be and am passionate about supporting women through this time. I am able to offer individually tailored maternity reflexology sessions for those trying to conceive and for women pre and post pregnancy.

Pre and post pregnancy reflexology:

During pregnancy maternity reflexology can be a great support to women and can improve your general well-being which is great for you and the baby. The sessions aim to optimise your physical and emotional health by working on specific reflex points on the feet and sometimes the hands.

The benefits of maternity reflexology include re-balancing your hormones, improving your sleep before and after the birth, relaxation and allowing you some much needed time away from your busy life giving you time to focus on you and your growing baby.

I am able to treat from week 13 and then throughout your pregnancy and after the arrival of your little one. At each trimester my treatment plan will change so I am able to address your needs during the differing periods of growth for your baby. I will also be able to offer lifestyle advice and support. I also offer Fertility Reflexology. I offer Maternity Reflexology at The Haven in Ashburton, South Devon, or can arrange a home visit appointment at your home in the area, including Ashburton, Totnes, Kingsbridge and other locations within South Hams.

Maternity Reflexology Therapist